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Dosa by Dosa



As a young American woman traveling in India, Co-Founder Emily Gilels developed a passion for many homestyle recipes that she enjoyed in people's homes, of which lassi was number one. Lassi is arguably, the oldest and most celebrated yogurt drink in the world at 3,000 years old. It's made simply and naturally using freshly roasted spices and ripe fruit puree. As cows are considered sacred in India, dairy and yogurt, in particular, are deeply treasured products. Yogurt is made at home so it's fresh, creamy, delicious, and rich in nutrients. dosa by DOSA was founded to share this homestyle lassi recipe with the world in uniquely spice-forward flavors, all rich in protein, probiotics, and lactose-free!
Represented by:
Emily Gilels, CEO and Co-Founder



Wheyward Spirit makes superior tasting "farm-to-flask' spirits from excess artisan whey, with a scalable yet craft approach. It is built on the ethos of doing things differently, for the right reasons. With a vision to have a local impact, scaled to a national brand, making a dent in waste and changing the way people look at spirits with every bottle sold.
Represented by:
Emily Darchuk, Founder
Wheyward Spirit
Pitch Competition Winners
Amazing Ice Cream
Company behind Cookie Wild, a cookie wafer ice cream bar novelty enrobed in chocolate to stay crunchy.
Represented by:
Donald Anit, Founder
Stockton, CA
Arbos Cheese Dip
Gluten-free, keto-friendly queso-style cheese dips for retail.
Represented by:
Andrew Arbogast, Founder & CEO
Memphis, TN
Petit Pot
French-style dairy desserts in paper-based cups made with >80% stainable/renewable fiber.
Represented by:
Maxime Puvreau, Founder
Emeryville, CA
Wonder Cow
All-natural bovine colostrum powder supplement that promotes immunity, muscle recovery and gut health.
Represented by:
Rob Diepersloot, Co-Founder and Erica Diepersloot, Co-Founder
Valencia, CA
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